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Can companies continue to benefit from TRIP coverage if the company is the subject of an acquisition or merger? IMPORTANT

Yes, as long as they comply with the conditions set out below.

Article 10 of TRIP’s articles of association allows an acquiring company or a new merged entity that is not a member of TRIP to benefit from continued TRIP coverage as long as TRIP received the application for membership by the date when authorisation was published in the Belgian Official Gazette or, in the case of a company authorised to operate in Belgium under the freedom to provide services (FPS), the date when the name of the company was published on the NBB’s website.

In fact, Article 10 of the articles of association specifies that for acquisitions made over the course of the year, TRIP must receive the membership application in the month when authorisation was published. Membership is only valid from the date on which TRIP received the membership application.

Therefore the company wishing to continue benefiting from TRIP coverage must ensure that the membership application is sent to TRIP before the NBB publishes the authorisation, under the suspensive condition that said company will be granted authorisation. This ensures that the date when the company becomes a member of TRIP coincides with the date the company receives authorisation to conduct insurance activities in Belgium (i.e. the publication date).

Please find enclosed a table summarising all the possible scenarios and the corresponding solutions.


Acquiring company Acquired company  
Member Member
  • No problem --> continued coverage
Member Non-member
  • No problem --> continued coverage; the activities of the acquired company are covered
Non-member Member
  • If the acquiring company is active in Belgium, the same deadlines as for new members
  • If the acquiring company was not active in Belgium, option to become a member immediately
Non-member Non-member
  • Application required - the same deadlines as for new members

Merger: New entity

A B  
Member Member
  • Application to be submitted in the same month as authorisation is granted by the NBB
Member Non-member
  • Application to be submitted in the same month as autorisation is granted by the NBB
Non-member Non-member
  • Application to be submitted in the same month as autorisation is granted by the NBB

Continued coverage for one of the two companies

See Acquisition

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