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FIXING THE COMPENSATION (only applicable if your insurer is a member of TRIP)

What is a percentage of compensation?

Insurers, reinsurers and the Belgian authorities jointly make available a maximum of €1 billion per year for the indemnification of injury/damage caused by terrorism. Nothing will be paid above that ceiling. Should the total amount of the claims exceed €1 billion, this amount will be apportioned between all beneficiaries on the basis of a percentage of compensation. This means that all beneficiaries will receive the same percentage of the compensation to which they are entitled.

For instance : due to one or more terrorist attacks perpetrated in the course of one year the total amount of the resulting claims is €1.2 billion. However, the amount available is only €1 billion. All beneficiaries will therefore be entitled to 83 % (1 : 1.2) of the specified compensation.

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