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The law applies only to Belgian risks. What is a Belgian risk ?

This depends on the type of insurance :

  1. When an insurance policy covers a piece of real estate or a piece of real estate and its contents, provided the contents are covered by the same policy, the piece of real estate must be located in Belgium.
  2. In the case of policies relating to a vehicle of any kind, the vehicle must be registered in Belgium. The coverage applies whether or not the vehicle is in Belgium at the time of the event.
  3. In the case of policies with a duration of no more than four months which relate to risks incurred during travel or a holiday, whatever the branch concerned, the policyholder must have taken out the policy in Belgium. Whether or not the policyholder is in Belgium at the time of the event is irrelevant.
  4. In all other cases, the policyholder party must be habitually resident in Belgium. If the policyholder is a legal entity, this legal entity must be incorporated in Belgium.

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